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Matte Note Cards
on Light Card Stock

"African Dancer"
"African Dancer" (#2a)
I studied African dance in NYC
in '89-90, and was inspired by the
grace and beauty of what I saw.
$.075 each with envelope

"Universal Mother"
"Universal Mother" (#2b)
an image of the Eternal Feminine,
a favorite card of customers.
$.075 each with envelope

"Dreamtime" (#2c)
pure fantasy, based on African and
Australian aboriginal themes
$.075 each with envelope
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"City/Self Mandala"
"City/Self Mandala" (#2d)
the inner world depicted via external images,
same image as the high-gloss card on Page 1
$.075 each with envelope
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"Ring of Bright Water"
"Ring of Bright Water" (#2e)
about love and lovers; same as
the high-gloss card on Page 1
$.075 each with envelope
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"Cafe', Ole!"
"Cafe', Ole'!" (#2f)
an homage to the bohemian life.
$.075 each with envelope


"Sisters" (#2g)
a study in red
$.075 each with envelope


"At Grandpa's House"
"At Grandpa's House" (#2h)
In my memory, grandpa's flowers
really seem as tall as a house.
$.075 each with envelope


"The Golden Serpeant"
"The Golden Serpeant" (#2i)
The snake, of course, represents
the kundalini energy, and the swan
is hamsa, the Soul or Higher Self.
$.075 each with envelope

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